It smells like poop over here
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2003-04-08 05:24:47 (UTC)

is it ok, if i speak to you today...

...you've been pissed off for a week now, but nothing i
could say could make you look up, or crack up." gotta love
those boys in bowling for soup. i saw em open up for catch
22 a loooong time ago, didn't even know it.
im still pissed. everytime i see lauren, i just go into
quiet mode. i don't talk, only when spoken to. i don't know
when this little quarell will end...if it does. she acts
like nothing happened, but she knows better, maybe ill just
wait for her to say it. i dunno, i just hope im dead by 30,
after i've partied my ass off and said my good-byes. PEACE