skankin jesse

what a world
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2003-04-08 05:15:53 (UTC)

My dream....???????????

Well last night i had this crazy dream and Ash, Adrianna,
Art, Susie, Denise, Jasmin, My ex Jessica, Denises Friend
Kelly the one that lives far, and a couple other people. So
we were all at a concert and al of them were in the crowd.
Then this band that i like called Codename rocky and up
syndrome were there playing. So i was up on stage helping
them set up. Then I look out and all of them were like
dancing and it was really cool. Then like all of a sudden
it cut away and I was in the hallway f Star tours at
disneyland the hallway when you leave. And like I was there
with one of the girls but im not going to say who. And we
were like holding hands. Then it cut away again and Me and
that girl were at a park and we were like watching the sun
set. And then I woke up. Wow what a dream.

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