skankin jesse

what a world
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2003-04-08 05:07:42 (UTC)

Teenage Wasteland

Well Today was almost a very good day. It started off with
me waking up super tired. But it only got better untill i
figured out that my best friend Adrianna wasnt at school so
that kinda sucked. But then I had a good time drawing a
cartoon during Us History. But third period i was kinda
tired so i was sleeping. Then during 4th period I was just
like whatever. Then 5th period was cool cause me and my
teacher Mr Carver and a copuple of the guys started to talk
about drinking and carver told us a lot of cool stories. He
said that he was trying to score with this girl and right
when he was going to take off her bra he threw up all over
her. Hahahahahaha. Then they were talking about sex and
stuff and it was pretty funny. Then during 6th period I had
to run a little so that was ok. Then after school i took
the bus home and I saw my friend Brenda. Then when i got
home i ate and got ready to go to Practice. Then i went and
got to wrestle and get out a little frustration. Then after
practice my friend nick and I went to subway and ate
6inches and drank a lot of ice tea. So yeah it was a pretty
cool day overall.

Question of the day: Is anyone intrested in going out on a
date with me?

Song of the day: "Fly me to the Moon" by Frank sinatra