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2003-04-08 04:20:58 (UTC)

every time i have time to think, i think of this...

not a bad day but man im sleepy.. i have so much shit to do
in the next few weeks before moving time. i dont think its
relaly HIT me yet. which could be good or bad. I LOVE MY
KITTENS!! i love them so fucking much. i never want to
leave them. man i will be an insane mother.

oh man i was just thinking of getting to bed cus i have
work in the morning, and monica came on and Imed me. lol.
damn it.

i dont WANT to sleep. i really need another 3rd shift
job. cus im easily up at night but in the morning UGGHH..
its so hard. maybe i will check that out. Monica's like
Target!! um. yeah. like $3/hour or something. hehe.
i'll check it out though. if i could be stocking and
staying busy and active. maybe wouldnt be bad. i lost
weight working graveyard cus my metabolism stayed up.. and
if i was actually walking around during that time. not a
bad idea.

carolines coming to see kittens tomorrow=) i think. yay.
oh my god i LOVE THEM!! my little runt baby licks my nose
and she loves me and ohhh man i want a baby.

I HAVE TO GO TO BED. i will have to talk to her another
day. lol. im such a dork.