mad world
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2003-04-08 04:17:23 (UTC)

dear live journal

so heres whats been up, me and megan will prob ever be
freiends again, she has pissed me off for the last time and
i really dont want to deal with it anymore. she is the most
selfish,childish person i have ever meet in my life. i
really hope the best for her in life becuse if she keeps
this shit up she will be left alone cold and dying. and all
ther other aspects of my life arent looking up eather. my
step aunt died.just my whole family situation really sucks,
i mean its like everyone in my family is dying and which
makes me think maybe ill be left with no one,i really hate
it. i dont know where im going and what i will be doing day
to day. just trying to stay alive, and i really dont know
why, i dont have much to live for.ad the thigs i do have to
live for im loosig slowly. i can olny take so much. im
strong,but i can oly take so much.

let me know if you read this i really would like to know
who reads my journal. ad if you care tell me so them maybe
ill at least think i have another reason to live.

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