things running through my mind.
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2003-04-08 03:01:06 (UTC)

i know i can be what i wanna be... if i work hard at it ill be where i wanna be..

ok lets see .... umm today my day was really good so i
decided to write in here...hm.. ewll lets see the past week
i found out that now downer like me and i really dont want
him to knowing storying for other ppl and i just would
never ever hook up with him. Then ne ways i spent friday
driving aound in acar i was mad and then kt and brandy were
like carmen arte u mad im like ya ur stupid were not gunna
do anything lets just go but no they dont listen to me at
all.! then we had the team bonding thing i thought it was
fun and ppl thoguth i liked ricky which is kinda true but
it was cool cuz i didnt have to say any thing... but
anyways then i went over to kathryns sunday night and it
was fun i luv that girls she soo funny and i love just
hanging out wiht her! no matter what her age is. then today
lets see i dont think mike novak likes me anymore is been
like 5 weeks with out any thing soo ya.. im sad cuz i liked
him liking me it was cool... but he doesnt like me anymore.
O well. Then o i was talking to sum 1 and i was walking
down the stair and ryan elchuck made fun of me... he like
repeated wut i sed.. i liked it cuz he noticed me but i
didnt want him to b mean. Then later ricky tapped me on the
should and i was surprised because he use to talk to me and
then sum thing happened and he just stopped and it made me
sad and like him i think because he didnt like me any
more.Then he sadi hi to me and i was really ahppy but i
dont think i showed it.hmm then later jarrett was like so
ur going out wiht ricky im like what and hes like why dont
kno u go out wiht him and im like y? cuz what was i suppose
to say..? then ricky was like im gunna hook up wiht you one
of these days and it made me really happy but i again tried
not to show it.. and then later when jarrett was leaving he
was like i think u should hook up wiht ricky he likes u....
and i liked to here that also..sry at the team sleep over
laura b said that he talked bout me and taht he thought i
was hot.. but then he seems like he ses taht to alot of
girls and i really dont kno wut to think.!? But i think im
starting ot like him and i wanna keep being frineds wiht
him.also im dance im gettin alot better.. o and then after
school i was sitting like a loner and pat came and joined
me and travis and then later emma but it was cool i have
frineds that feel like stopping to talk to me.. then later
wne i was onlien alex parker talked to me and he was coola
dn then chris king and micki..blah talked to me and its
cool knowing ppl wanna talk to u! since i havent been
online in a while. also chris kept saying sry for his
friends which was nice but i really dont mind at all.
well thats bout all bout my happy day.

o also lauren t told me taht in e/s she heard ricky talkin to sum one
bout how he likes me now and that he didnt b4 miked liked me and he
wanted to ask me to prom but he didnt... but still taht shows he was
thinking bout it..
and bout downer he hits on all the sophmore girls and no one likes
him he needs to get a life and get sum1 else... but ya i dont want
him to like me soo ill just keep ignoring him and the most ill talk
to him is hey..!
mike got his hair cut and its alot dark i like the color but he looks
bald wiht out al his hair.
true colors hyper ballad i kno i can remix
misunderstood..... good songs.