Stream of Consciousness
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2003-04-08 02:59:13 (UTC)

im feeling rather glum

I know its been awhile.....i worked yesterday for the
first time in the tanning salon portion of the store...it
was a nightmare..i receieved almost 0 training...what i got
was a five minute...Do this this and that in order to do
this...that isnt enough when it comes to running an entire
store. because right after that i was left to do it alone.
several things fucked up including a bed not working. i
dont want to go into it. but today i woke up and vomitted.
and i think it might have been due to nerves cause i
schedualed to work from 1 to 8 again in teh same salon
part. ive never been ill do to nerves...except maybe like
7th grade. anyway....im feeling rather poopy and i thought
id share in the hope that id stop feeling so bad.....i need
a good cry, or a hug. whichever comes first.