I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2003-04-08 01:20:42 (UTC)

I'm Really Pissed Off

I was having a good day today until about 1pm when Erin
gets to work. She had a job interview this morning and was
(and still is) hoping to get it. I asked her how it went
and her thoughts about it. Basically, she said that she
didn't get that "you're wonderful and we can't live
without you" feeling, but who knows. She's tired of not
having any money and feeling overwhelmed with bills and
whatnot. I understand this. I told her that they said
they'd call by Friday and to wait and see, that all wasn't

There was a lull in the conversation and my boss (and
hers) comes up and asks her about the interview. She gets
kinda sad about it, and he tells her basically what I told
her. To wait and see, it didn't mean that they don't want
her. The subject changed and I asked my boss to take me
with him if he ever changed stores. Erin pipes up
with "~L, why don't you get a real job?"

WHAT THE FUCK?! A real job? What does she think I'm doing,
playing? It really hurt my feelings. A lot. She has no
right to judge my life. Not only was it a slap to me, but
to my boss who was sitting right there as well. I could
not believe it. She has NO idea why I've made the choices
that I've made with MY life and therefore has no room
WHATSOEVER to judge me.

I'm not the kind of person to tell her that she should be
grateful to me and to my boss for even having a job right
after she was laid off. But she should be!!! I mean come
on. I got her her damn job and at least she has some kind
of income!

What was said to me isn't something that is said to
someone who is supposed to be your friend. Don't take your
fucking frustrations out on me, all I've done is be
supportive and there for you and got you a job and let you
live with me for a few months rent free when you were
looking for a place to live. Why did I do that? Because
you are my friend, and that's what friends do, right?