Remember to Breathe
2003-04-08 00:09:38 (UTC)

the Ides of...err, my diary

Hey, didn't see Brett last night at all, so that wasn't
too fun. Did smoke some bud though. I was retarded, and
my face went numb, yay. Being the pathetic stalkers that
we are, Matt, Jake, Jared, Pat, and I drove around the
Hilton trying to see if any of the bands were out. We saw
their bus, it was pretty cool looking. I've been
exploring Xanga for like 3 hours now, and yes I realize
the level of pathetic that I've reached. I have to return
the keys from the computer lab soon, before I reach my
four hour limit and end up paying five dollars for sucking
so much. I'm thinking about chopping my hair off, maybe a
home haircut, who knows. I just feel like I need a change
so I should take it out on my body instead of DOING
something, haha. Well, still no messages from anyone, so
obviously my diary isn't being read. *sigh*, that's

"The cup is not half empty as pessimists say. As far as
he sees nothing's left in the cup."
-The Used-
"Poetic Tragedy"