2003-04-08 00:07:15 (UTC)

Our Trip and...A Mystery

After lunch of peanut butter sandwiches and a thimbleful
each of milk --we used up the rest of the last gallon, John
and I went to Albany and Corvallis. In Albany we bought
bread at the thrift store and filled the van with gas ($1.64
a gallon--not too bad). We also went into Costoco and
I bought butter, hot chocolate mix and four gallons of milk.
I was going to buy bananas but they were green so I
decided to skip it. John also picked up the pair of work
boots he'd ordered.

Then we went to Corvallis. We went to Bi-Mart to use a
coupon to buy a wireless thermometer (to use in the
greenhouse), to Office Max to use another coupon to get a
computer keyboard, the library and then to find Gavin so he
could sign his loan note for the Plus loan John is getting
to pay his tuition bills. We got home at about 4 p.m.

And here is the mystery part. Saturday Hugh had gone out
to the refrigerator in the garage and told me we only had
one gallon of milk left. That was the gallon John and I
finished at lunch. That's why I bought four more gallons.
But when I got home there were TWO gallons of milk in the
garage refrigerator! Apparently we have a milk fairy. I
can't think of any other explanation.

Oh, and I've just updated the entry which lists the books
I've read to include those I read in March.