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2003-04-07 22:54:53 (UTC)

The "Voice"...damn it

So Yesterday was the end of her probation period so I go
out...nothing overly the 4H's all
sorta normal and easy but nothing that's making my heart
do anything funny...
but THEN...
she's like "Do you wanna go get us supper" in THAT
voice...come on-you all know what I'm talking about...that
voice. And damn it-it worked. So there I am at McDicks
and AM phones "why are you at McDonalds?" Why? Why, you
may ask? Because I'm WHIPPED!!!! Oh the shame! The
horror! I've become that which I most detest...but it was
so worth it to see how happy she was...*sigh*
And then we rode and it wasn't too bad but she waited
until I went into the barn and then came with me and we
hung out for a while making small talk while I fed Splash
etc and it's all back to normal again-all nice and close
and warm and fuzzy-and she wants to be doing stuff with me
but then again...I still don't want to be doing lessons
with her if they're like I email her this
slightly uncool email which is fairly direct (i.e. "I feel
like I'm accomplishing nothing) and I felt bad and wished
I could unsend it. But thankfully she's mature enough to
accept the criticism so now I'm getting private lessons
with her *sticks tongue out at AM* and then the same group
ones on Fri. AND I don't have to pay and she sorta boosted
my ego a bit and then again, I did for her too...I think
we're good for each other...cuz that's what I want to
think so there.

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