thats absurd
2003-04-07 22:27:06 (UTC)

peopley crap

so...I start alot of things I write and or type
thats OK...i spose. I think everyone is hypocritical. The
liberals are all up in arms against this war, but I bet if
Bill Clinton and or Al Gore wanted to start it they wouldnt
have a problem. But since Gee Dubyah prefers a different
wing then the them, he is instantly wrong. wuh-rong. Er-
ong. whatever floats your boat. but thats what its all
about, isnt it. That and, of corse, the hokey pokey. And
conservitives are no better. If is WAS Billy C. who
started this war, they would be aposed to it. And those
independants are a bunch of shit heads, and thats all I
have to say about them. Now, the green party is just gay.
Blabee shlabee. Screw all of you. especially you, yah you!

peace out mofos