The Mind of Tee La
2003-04-07 22:00:50 (UTC)


The weekend was horrible. Particularly Sunday though. I
was over at a friend's house when I received a call from my
mom around 12:30 saying that my cat got hit by a car and
that they just ran her to the vets. She told me that she
was stable and that her chances were 50/50. I rushed home
and immediately wanted to see her, but we had to wait.
It was around 5 when we got to the vets. I was so
relieved to see her. She looked much better than I
expected. She wasn't feeling any pain, but she was still
struggling. The vet said that her concussion probably
damaged her brain stem. She couldn't blink or move her
ears. If I put my face up close to hers, it was like she
was staring through me. Poor thing. The vet said she
probably wouldn't understand what we were saying to her,
but when I reached out to pet her and started talking to
her, she started blinking and even tried to get up.
She must have died right after we left the vets. I was so sure
that she would pull through. I believe she was holding on so I would
have a chance to say g'bye. It was odd enough that Mike even found
her. He pulled out of our driveway and some woman hit him. While
they were waiting for the police to get there, He saw her
lying in the gutter, perfectly blended in. If it weren't
for the accident, she would have died before we ever found
her and I wouldn't have ever had a chance to say g'bye.
The car accident had nothing to do with her. She had been
lying there for hours because her body was cold and her
heart rate was very faint.
I'm still upset, but I know that she had a wonderful
life. 14 years of unconditional love for her. She was
more than a cat to me she was my baby. It was really hard
to sleep last night. I felt cold and alone without her.
She used to always come in at night to sleep at the foot of
my bed. I miss her so much.
We've decided that we're going to bury her under the
cherry blossom tree out in the front. She always loved to
lie under that tree during the summer. The blossoms are so
beautiful. I think it the perfect place for her...

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