Shellie Benellie

Me and My Life
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2003-04-07 21:38:39 (UTC)

Just another Day

Days like this make me want to just stay home and sleep.
We did absoultly nothing. The only few good things that
happened today was I found out that I should call Bobby and
that Jon thought he liked me thats why he asked for my
number. It really made my day and I don't know why. He
also said that I need to stop being so shy around guys and
jsut get over it lol I laughed so hard when he said that. I
almost pissed my pants. The other good part of my day was
that Jon and Laura are going out. I think it's great and I
am wicked happy for them both. And Jon is taking me to Red
Lobster over Spring Break and Jon might through a party and
that will be terrific to do that. I also got a 92 in Bio
for my thrid quater average and I also received an 86 for
my math average. yeah thats wickedly great. Amber had
this wickedly funny thing in Bio about why girl are
proceved as bitchy it was so funny. One of the reasons was
we have to push a 10lb mushroomed shaped bowling ball out
of a keywhole. the funny part is most the people I know
that are my age have bigger than a keyhole becasue there
sluts, with the exseption of a select few. anyways that
about my day so yeah!!