2003-04-07 21:00:21 (UTC)

Troy Fleury's Birthday

Today is Troy's birthday and we are just hanging out at
Dalhousie University's computer lab. It's the only way I
can go noline right now for free 24/7. Anyway, some people
might be drpoping by later and we should go home in about
an hour to meet them, but Misty is there and we will
probably be here for about 2 hours longer because of the
aution he is bidding on, but you know, c'est la vie.
Anyway, I've got time to rant for a change.

I live in Halifax now at the Welsford. It's in the center
of the city and I have the best view in it. The hospital
is only a block away and I have only had to go three or
four times since I moved here. I have a new psychiatrist
that actually seems like he knows what he is doing for a
change. He says I'm manic depressive, have chronic
depression, an anxiety disorder, and sub-clinial hyper-
thyroid disorder. Yaaaaa!!!!

I have a new band coming together that is currently playing
coffee shops around halifax. We got a show coming up on
April 11th at C'est Si Bon. Darren and Phillip and I are
trying to see if this girl Antrez will work out on piano.
I hope so, cause even though I have a weakness for asians,
she just seems like a really nice girl and she is
deffinitely talented enough for the job. It also just so
happens that her parents own a talent ageny in China and,
even though she is here to study at Dalhousie, she is also
here to scout white bands here to offer them a job playing
the ciruit in China for $1000 US per month. Needless to
say, we are seriously considering doing so. I am just
affraid of the SARS right now.

Misty's little girl Ceolia has turned two since I wrote.
She is getting the hang of her limited but growing
vocabulary and is learning to make simple phrases now. Her
favorite seems to be "apple juice". Misty actually got me
some drawing books for xmas and I've been trying to get my
drawing back together ever since. It's oming along nicely,
but I need to dedicate more consistent time to it than I
have so far.

God there are a lot of Asians here. It's almost torture...

Ummm, not sure what else to write about right now so I'll
all it quits. Later.