No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2003-04-07 20:06:48 (UTC)

Immature crap...

Ok, this is it. You are immature and need to learn to grow

[email protected]

lmao went to your website. how perfectly true you ARE the
little prep--who embodies the drinking and drug use. the
only thing is that you define yourself by how much you hate
life and try to show it outwardly. . .

and your bf might look nice if he got rid of the
niggerish chains, shaved, and put on a fucking shirt & tie.

[email protected]

how freakin cute you pride yourself on being "different"
& "a punk" & "unique" and alllll this other fabulous
bullshit.. step back & read your stuff for a little bit.
you're a sex obsessed slut who goes to school to be with
her boyfriend. if you just changed things to pink & white,
you'd be the perfect model little preppy sororrity(sp)

I think I know who said these things...but I wont make
assumptions. All I have to say is WHOEVER you are, you are
very immature and obviously wrong. You're a chicken shit
beause you wont even leave a real e-mail address. What are
you scared of? You're a shit talker...if you talk
shit...back it up. Leave a real e-mail. My bf is none of
your concern and quite frankly, I dont care what you think
of him. He isn't your don't worry about what he
does. You must be jealous. I think he looks good and that's
all that matters. I am NOT for drugs or drinking. I am not
a sex obsessed slut, nor am I a prep. Yeah, I go to school
to be with him. That isn't your problem. Sorrority
whore...nice...must have taken a lot to come up with that!
Whore? No. I haven't have sex with anyone. Preppy?
no...hardly. And as for the sorrority...doesn't it take a
lot to get into those? Yeah. It does. That shows dedication
and determination...more than you'll ever have. Also, I DO
NOT outwardly show I hate life. This is MY diary and you
went to MY website...if you have a problem with my
stuff...don't read it....don't look at it. Easy as that.
So, if you wanna talk it to whoever you
really are. Not as "Jesus" or as "your bf is a fag." Also,
whoever you are, you must know me pretty well, or know WHO
I why don't you stop being a pansy and come find me