All That I Am
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2003-04-07 18:46:41 (UTC)

Getting the Itch Again

All the rumors I heard about Washington being a rainy state
are true. My god, I've been here for a little over 4 months
and it rains just about every damn day! I looked at the
forecast for this week and low and behold it's raining
all week! Big surprise. I hope it calms down when summer
rolls around or else I'll be chillin' on the beach in the
rain. On the plus side it's getting warmer now, it's
creeping into the high 50's, woohoo! But I love Washington,
I'm not sure whether or not I want to stay here for the
rest of my life but it's WAY better than Texas. I was
thinking about that the other day too...about moving again.
The only way I would move from where I'm at right now is if
I found a good job that's too far out to be driving back
and forth. But in the long run I don't know, I can't see
myself living here for too long. It's my mum's fault. I'm a
freakin' military brat and I'm so used to moving like every
2 or 3 years that I just get this weird itch to pack up and
go every so often. For the past year or so in Texas that
itch had turned into a rash. I don't know it's just weird,
even now I want to start looking up cities online and see
about moving again. Hmmmm....but I'm not going anywhere
anytime soon, I guess. I'm going to update my
profile thingy and do some other job hunting and I wouldn't
mind moving out of state for a job. Out of state has to be
somewhere near a big city though. Anywho, I'm not moving
right this second.

I want a computer. I was thinking of things that my fam
damily could get me for my birthday...basically because I'm
a greedy bastard and proud...and I really really want my
own computer. But I doubt my mum would be willing/or able
to spend that kind of money....I'll still throw it out
there though, maybe she'll catch it.

Did I mention that the fam damily is moving June 15? The
date is subject to change depending on Kent and his
retiring thing but they'll be leaving in 3months. It's odd
because they get on my last nerve but I don't want them to
move so far away again. And of course they couldn't move to
San Francisco or Chicago or New York, they're going to
fucking South Carolina. Ugghh. I told mum I followed her to
Texas and now Washington but I'm not going anywhere near
South Carolina. I despise the South with a passion. Too
many bad experiences down there and the weather is just not
natural. 110 degree heat in 100% humidity, I think I lost
half my brain cells back in those days. Remember the
commercial where the guy had the frying pan and cracked the
egg in it and said this is your brain on drugs? Well,
that's how every cell in my body felt down there...uggghh.
And the people, not all but too many that I encountered,
are just a little behind the times when it comes to
thinking. Racism and inbreeding is the cool thing
apparently down there. Which is too harsh and obviously
EVERYONE isn't like that but a lot are and I saw that again
when I met Nichole, chic from Alabami. Love her to death
and she is so much fun to be around but to hear some of the
things that came out of her mouth was just....I don't know
I just didn't realize civilized people still talked like
that. But after getting to know her more I just realize
that education is a problem for a lot of towns and whatnot
down south. Lack of education/knowledge spawns ignorance.
How did I start preaching about the south? Ah yes, I would
rather move to hell than back down South, okay back on
track. So yeah, I guess I'm going to have to start saving
for plane tickets to visit the fam damily from time to time
because I won't be seeing them very often, that'll suck.
And then Amond is going to be 16 this year, damn. He's
already talked about going to wrestling school and moving
away...we're going to be spread out all over the place.

***Okay I'm going to reflect on a touching moment and it
involves Amond....don't freak out I'll try not to have too
many of these*** So, I left my mum's house Saturday night,
after a fun day where I wipped Rhys and Amond's ass in
Checkers, Uno, and Connect Four and then we watched the
uber freaky movie "The Ring". I get in the car and I'm on
the road and I'm pushing my laundry on the floor because it
keeps rocking from side to side and I see a shopping bag
full of food and I open it up and it has some cans of
vegetables, tomato paste (?), brownie mix, and muffin mix.
I was like where the hell did this come from, and I
remembered that earlier Amond had said that he put a
surprise in my car that I'll find out about when I go home.
I was almost crying...I'm going to cry now...Mum had told
my rats/brothers that I've been living off ramen and so he
snuck me some food! I was about to turn around and kick his
ass (brothers beat each other up, they don't hug..take
note)! I was so touched...little bastard. Just wanted to
share that with you. Good times.

Hmmmm....well, I'm at work right now. Not doing much but
enjoying all the eye candy (and there's lots believe me!)
and I'm debating whether or not to go to the gym today. I'm
not feeling too hot this morning and I get off at 4:30pm so
if I'm not feeling better than I'm not going to but
hopefully I'll be aiiight. I have to see mum sometime today
to beg for gas mulah because I'm running on fumes right
now. Till tomorrow, I'm out!(no pun intended, hehe) Later.

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