Gay, London and Oriental. Take A Look ;)
2003-04-07 18:30:36 (UTC)

First Date

Today I went and met a guy named Charles at Charing Cross,
5ft 4, hespanic, average looking (met him on faceparty). On
Wednesday 3rd April he messaged me and we stayed up talking
till around 4 am. He wanted to meet me and I said then we
arrange a time to meet (Monday at 12pm). We spoked about
alot of things about us, our lives etc. We then went to Old
Compton Street (Soho, London) and walked around a bit till
we found somewhere to eat. We went to this cafe that served
cibattas, sat down and talked a bit more. We sometimes
would stop talking and just stared at eachother just gazing
into each eyes (very romantic ^_^). Then before our meals
were served I kissed him. It was good and he told me that
he couldn't wait for him to get me home. After lunch we
went back to Charing Cross Station and made our way back
into my house. About 30 minutes later, we came home
and "did it" in my bedroom, kissing, caressing and stuff
(no great details, i aint that bad anymore ^_^).
After about an hour we got ourselves dressed and just layed
on my bed kissing and hugging eachother. God it felt good!
Then we rushed out of my house and went back uptown to have
a bit more fun. It was really cold :( so we couldn't stay
long and then around 6pm we went our seperate ways. It felt
really good, just to hold someone, to kiss and hug (and
whatever else we felt like ;) ).
Right now we're just a couple of guys having fun, nothing
serious, but I did enjoy myself today and everything I
wanted I got ;). I wanted this all my life and finally I
got it, it felt really good. Definitely gonna keep in touch
with him, even if nothing ever happens. What a great day.
See you ^^