Bruce Wayne

2003-04-07 16:28:11 (UTC)

delinquent entry 3/19

Tonight was an interesting night, I’ve been away for the
better part of the last two weeks and the last three days
have absolutely sucked on nearly every front. I thank God
for the upbringing, and life experiences I’ve had that
have taught me to take things as they come.

I’ve had endless battles with Verizon over their inability
to do the things that James Earle Jones and the “Can You
Hear Me” Guy say they can. They promised DSL service they
couldn’t deliver, then they said they could deliver it,
then they couldn’t, then I figured out a way they could
deliver it.. Then they screwed up my business line, and my
home line. Very frustrating. The most common phrase heard
during all of this…We will call you”! I chuckle at the
phrase. Don’t they know that I invented the phrase “I’ll
call you”.; you can’t bullshit a bullshitter…. And I’m
definitely a bullshitter. So , in good faith I waged the
battle against them and have made minimal gains. This is
one of the most ridiculous experienc3es in my life long
participation in Capitalism. I have to chase these
assholes to spend my money with them…WTF???????

So a fair amount of the last three days was spent wasting
time on them…..oh well. Returning to a running theme in
this forum..Kyle has been an insufferable asshole, and my
ability to detach has been severely diminished. I was
always under the concept that Rob, and I were on the same
page, that my opinion and views were appreciated. Well I
learned a bit about that this morning and last night. Rob
had a conversation with some one in charge of discipline @
school who complained about Kyle’s display of Ghetto Chic
styling. In layman’s terms , ill fitting pants with his
ass hanging out of them. This is a point that I have
harped on, I see it as a very disrespectful display on his
part. I have taken a bit of a stand on this, but his
mother doesn’t , or didn’t feel it was a battle worth
facing. This was before someone at school raised it as an
issue. Now she’s all up in arm over it. Let it be known
that it was an issue I raised first. Now she wants to be
the one to lay down the law on the issue. It pisses me off
that she poo pooed the whole thing when I was an issue
that mattered to me, but when it came from someone else it
became of the utmost importance and she feels the need to
address it with Kyle…now it’s important. Well good luck,
because I am washing my hands. I will do everything in my
ability to distance myself from him and my involvement in
his life. My input is clearly of impotence when someone
echoes my sentiments. Call me Pontious Pilate, but I’m
washing my hands, very disappointing to be sure, not what
I’d hoped for. But I suppose that’s life.

Rob and I talked a bit this morning , and last night and
I felt pretty passionately about the fact that I’m going
to greatly reduce my role in Kyle’s life. He and I are
going to work on a barter basis. “You want something from
me,…..what’s it worth to you? That will include rides to
school and meals cooked, as well as lunch money. It’s time
someone spell things to this punk. I’m tired of the smell
of his shit, and I refuse to ask for another whiff of his
stinky, selfish ass. .

So my frustration level has been fairly high. These
Canadian Knuckleheads have proven to be ill prepared for
the task they hired us for. Fine, good enough, at least I
know what I’m dealing with. Once things get settled on
their end, (getting us our laptops, and all that goes with
that) I’m going to set about the task with laser like
focus. I’m going to kick enormous ass, and make Lunchbox
look like hell. I realize this won’t be terribly difficult
I should be thankful for his pathetic existence , because
he can only make me look good. He came to the house to
meet with me, the last thing I wanted was his thick ,
clumsy ass in my houses. Well he never fails to live up
to my meager expectations of him. I walked onto the porch
and his fat ass was testing the limits of the couch, and
he had Barley on the couch with him this asshole then
asks me if I mind if she’s up there. The dog , which is
the second smartest being in the room is looking @ at me
with a panicked look in her eyes. She knows she doesn’t
belong on the couch, but chunky butt invited her there.
Some where in his lard riddled mind it occurred to him
that this might not be a good idea, but he ignored what
may have been the only good impulse to stimulate a neuron
in his sluggisgsh mind. I walk in the e room And she gets
off the couch and didn’t reprimand her…after all it’s not
her fault that she thought it’d be ok to listen to him,
she did expect that he had a bigger brain than her. While
I believe she’s right, he unfortunately has opposable
thumbs and a more developed, but less used , cerebellum
than my darling canine companion. Then Fatso uses the
bathroom and pisses all over the floor in the bathroom,
while taking a leak with the bathroom door open. Good
God , Get Him Out of My House….fucking pig.

Well despite the roadblocks plaguing my path to
enlightenment, I persevere. I resumed my Wednesday night
ritual of wings, darts and beers. Spiritual pursuits to be
sure. I shot some pretty strong, and pretty weak darts. We
lost unfortunately…part of the deal. I shook an opposing
teammates hand and saw that he was a Vietnam Vet (he was
wearing a hat ) . Having lost an uncle there, and that
being a major influence in my up bringing , I thought it
appropriate that I thank him for protecting the freedom I
enjoy today , despite the fact that our government’s
intentions were misguided. As it turns out I’m only the
third person to thank him for serving his country . That
is a sad commentary. He was clearly touched that his risk
had not gone unappreciated by a younger generation. I was
only too happy to do it. !0n minutes earlier, President GW
Bush committed men and women who proudly called them
selves Americans to their country’s defense. My issues
don’t seem so pressing now…

Mother Mary comes to me , speaking words of wisdom. Let it

God bless the Americans , and the supporting troops of
other countries who are fighting for a better place in

Clay, Billy Dickson, and Lance Corporal Felix Soto
Your efforts have not been forgotten.