Bruce Wayne

2003-04-07 16:19:56 (UTC)

delinquent entries--03/03

Well two weeks into my new gig and I’ll have logged over
4000 miles of air travel. That’s way more than I’d
expected or frankly wanted. I’m definetly not complaining
since they’re paying a pretty decent chunk ‘o’ change for
my services. The trip to Montreal went very well, people
there were very nice and seemed to be genuinely happy to
have me . I worked pretty diligently to grasp as much as
possible and take great notes so I could pass as much as
possible onto Tom (who shall be known as Lunchbox from
here on out). I photocoppied two binders worth of
information to provide him with as much information as
possible. I’ve come to the conclusion that my future in
this endeavour will be tied to his performance to a
certain extent unfortunately. So after all of this
preperation, so that he might be prepared to hit the
ground running…I should have known any situation that
involved running and Lunchbox was doomed.

This week I’m subbibg for Giovanni on a whirlwind trip
through the south/southwest. Houston, San Antonio, and
Phoenix then back to Boston in three days.

Day one I felt like mostly window dressing. We met with
one perspective client and I learned tons…mostly about
what I didn’t know. I added what I could , when I could.
I was fine with that …all thinngs concidered.

Day 2 we met with with 4 different people…three of whom
basically were the same account.As those went on I felt
more and more confident and was bringing more to the
conversation. The thing I’m finding out is that I’m not
all that far behind the eight bball here. I have a reall
oppolrtunity here to shine in this company as long as I
can provide marke intelligence which shouldn’[t prove to
be too much of a problem since thay don’t have a ton of
insight into the market.. This trip will be a real eye
opener to them as far as knowledge of what the customers
want in exchange for their business.

Mark (product manager) seems like a really nice guy.
Pretty mild mannered (like Clark Kent, but not nearly as
buff). He has definetly tested me a bit after we’ve met
with people to see what I’m picking up on.So far I think
I’m doing ok in that respect. I think I’ve managed to
bring a prespective to some conversations that he hadn’t
concidered. I think as I supply my arsenal with an bit
more knowledge and have a bit more customer time under my
belt I’m going to do very well here. That is also assuming
that the company is committed to doing what it takes to
succede in what is proving to be a tight, competitive

The up side of this is that I was in San Antonio which is
cute as hell. The River walk is a great example of city
planning and commerce coming together to create a win –
win situation.. They’ve donwe some amazing restoration
there. Tonight is Phoenix. We drove azround Downtown…
clean , nice buildings, but so far nothing special. IIt
was also deserted. I don’t think I’ve seen enough to give
it a fair assessment.

The Down side is that I really miss being home. I talk to
Rob at least once a day, but it feels so detached.. I
don’t mind the 2 or 3 day trip, but two weeks in a row is
feeling like a bit much. I’m looking forward to being home
for a few days…or a week !