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2003-04-07 12:36:59 (UTC)

Like a Jamaican ice sculpture, we must hurry to make our mark

...or so Bruce says. Saturday night I went with Chris to
see our school's production of the play Into the Woods.
Twas fun. The princes were my favorite ^_^. And as Chris
says: "They didn't really CHEAT....they just...weren't
monogamous!" lol.

Yeah. So, apparently, we were sitting behind me friend
Gary's parents. Gary was in the play so, ya know, his
parents kinda had to be there. They later told Gary that
me & Chris needed to get a room :-P. Gary tells me his
parents were traumatized. Good. :-D.

Anyway... Sunday I got bitched at by a REALLY OLD woman.
She had to be at least 85 years old. Yeah... I had this
Master Class for piano taught by Mrs. Eleanor Sokoloff.
She was the really bitchy old lady. I was playing this one
song for her, my best song that I know REALLY WELL...and
she stopped me before I was done with the first line. And
then she told me I didn't know the piece, it was
too "muddy" (whatever that means) and a bunch of other
stuff. I don't like Mrs. Sokoloff :-D.

Yeah, so...hasta luego. Yo voy a hablar a ustedes mucho
mas. Ustedes son los mejores


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