The void
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2003-04-07 12:15:47 (UTC)


(new addition to the vixmeister's diary:)
Current Music: Queens of the Stone Age- No one Knows

::stomach rumbles:: maaaan, i'm so hungry! (well it's mid-
afternoon and iv'e only just got up)because i quit
keyskills, i have the whole morning to myself! ::stretches
arms above head::ahhhh!
skyes at work this morning so i have to get the bus on my
own :(
i hope she isn't working on wednesday because iv'e finally
agreed to meet ma rude boy jay in woolwich. i am NOT going
by myself that's for sure.well, i might have to, i can't
really cancel because skye can't go.oh this sux, i really
want to meet him!oh sod it i will go by myself if she's
XFM's playing some really PANTS songs today.
i'm off to get some grub.
(run to the jiggahouse)