Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
2003-04-07 06:04:32 (UTC)

Where have my nails gone?

Yet another night/morning where I don't get much sleep.
Strange though, I was really knackered when I went to sleep
at 1.15am but I woke up about 2.00am and I wasn't tired at
all. Probably because I realised I have less than a week to
hand in my Sociology essay and it didn't occur to me that
I'll fail if I don't have it handed in on time. That and my
natural ability to go on without much sleep. I'll be a
total bitch to everyone I talk to though, a small price to
pay for more hours I guess. Had a shave and did my nails, I
look like a nice respectable boy now... Also decided to put
on my blue jeans for a change. Only have one pair that
aren't huge on me. I blame #17. Just glad I don't have a
pair of scissors or I might cut a tear on the leg. Then
again that might actually look cool. I might get one of my
parents to buy me a long sleeve white t-shirt so I can
stick it under a black t-shirt and hey presto! #17 style
for me. Just need big black hair and I'm all set. At least
it wouldn't be pink.

Anyway, not much has been really going on recently. I
haven't been home for nearly a month and financial
calculations predict that I'll have no money by the end of
may. So in other words, unless I can get a small fortune
off my parents, I'll be starving myself during the exam
period. And slacking off. And being bored. Sounds like fun.
And by that time the new Dancing Stage will be out for PS2.
It better not be all fancy flash graphics and no good
sounds. Some of DSPE is like that and it pisses me off no
end. Speaking of that, I still haven't broken back into my
stride with it yet. I only did 650 KCal yesterday when
before I was at least doing 950KCal. Not much I know but it
has the potential to negate an entire meal. Which means I
can eat nicer things. Or not eat them at all. I really have
to stop going on about this. Its so pathetic.

When I get home for summer, I'll pull out all the stops and
train constantly. Then I will prove I'm the best once and
for all...
Till Next Time SPace Kittens!