Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2003-04-07 04:03:48 (UTC)

the first good weekend

eveything actually went well
this weekend

friday was my day off, so i got my
taxes done, not as much as last year,
but still over $600, which is good

cashed out some of my rrsp's no
big loss there, means i have cash
next week

paid for my new ram, my anime tapes
the cd drive for my laptop, and paid
back all the poeple i owe money
to, and my bills.

got a new book, and a new magazine
realized that tess still, likes me, which
makes me amazingly happy

still employed, got a 98% on my
quality report for the week, my best

only had to argue with the parental
unit once, cleaned my room, did
some laundry, played with the cats


won $30 on the lottery, and still have
some money left over.

tomorrow, i pay the dentist the $500 he
wants before he finishes his work on
me, which means thursday i don't have
to cancel or postpone the appointment

then it will take a week, and then i'll have
all my dentistry stuff done for awhile at

I bought a spool of 300 cd's so i can
start burning music and finish paying off
the 300 1 cd player i'm getting from
the pawn shop

and i'm 1 step closer to getting my
computer back from my mom, and then
have both my laptop and main comp
working together in harmony

and i saw 4 movies... a man apart,
phone booth, spirited away, and i saw
dreamcatcher again...

fuck me

this has been a good weekend....

must be why the smile is plastered to my

things are looking up...

i don't what it is...

i must have gotten a major dose of
karma injections or something