forever changing
2003-04-07 03:52:26 (UTC)

why do we write???

i wonder why so people feel the need to document their
lives?is it this feeling that sometime in the future people
will look back on ths document and think wow look what they
went through wasn't their life (insert adj.) that would be
kinda interesting. i personally have a cxollection of
journals i have been keeping since sixth grade. io write
becuse at first i had no real friends i could talk to and i
just needed somewheere i could get my thoughts out and
talking to myself only worked untill i started arguing. and
now i just like looking back on how stupid i was or just
looking back at little details i thought were so crucial
but are now frogetten. ny writing is for me. i know that
may sound strange because my journal is public and all but
i am still not positive on why i made it public i think i
said something about it bein gout there but not really or
some confusing thing
i am goin to go now but if you would lie to try to explain
to me another reason for documenting the activities on
daily life into a journal of some sort please feel free i
would love the feed back.

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