Alone I Will Always Be

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2003-04-07 02:48:41 (UTC)


Well its been a long time since i last wrote in here! alot
has happened i went to missouri but i didnt see eric :( but
i did meet Mike and Jeremey......Mike is a f*ckin hottie
and wel jeremy he is sooo funny omg!! and jeremey is mad at
me for not telling him that i liked mike but what could he
have done mike is like.... my cousins best budds my older
cousin that is....... and i would have felt rally odd! but
yea um... Me and eric have been gettin closer and closer!!
but i know somethin is gonna go wrong its just my luck! but
yea...... um... i wrote him a poem and i and gonna mail it
but im not gonna put my address or my name on it b/c i dont
want him to know how much i like him...... i dont wanna
seem like im obsessed wth him or anyhing b/c im not
honestly!! But i really do like mike and i wrote him an
awsome poem too!! But yea i g2g to sleep now b/ im super