Welcome to own demise
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2003-04-07 02:43:53 (UTC)

yet again


damn it damn it damn it.

im starting to fall into my old habits. AHH no. im not
gonna smoke weed anymore. i didnt even smoke with albert y
the fuck am i starting up again. no lucia bad no.more and
more i keep thinkin bout how bad i wanna get some ass. but
i dont and will not get any. i wont. i dont give a shit
what or who hes doin, im not gonna do anything. mind over
matter lucia. MIND OVER MATTER!

what a waste of a weekend.

friday- went out with dave and tiff. got baked. ate ALOT.
sat at jeremys. smoked more. ate more. went home. slept.

saturday- detention. tv. curled my hair and got dressed to
go out. sat at home while dave went to wisconsin. thanks
david. put on sweats. fell asleep on the couch. went to my
bed. slept.

sunday- phone woke me up. mama gina. told m to turn up my
clock an hour. i lost an hour of sleep. damn daylight
savings time.

i wrote albert a 14 page letter talkin bout a lot of shit
but then ending with me telling him im in love with him
and i also mentioned i wanna get with brent but wont bc i
dont wanna feel like im 'cheating' on him....... i'm
debating whether or not i should send it.... i didnt wanna
send it til i got the pictures from my mom.. send a copy
of the pic of me and him.... nothin more guilt-ifying than
seeing a picture of me and him together... lol evil
coniving devious lucia. bad bad bad. must be the
marijuana. MUST BE!!

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