If These Scars Could Speak
2003-04-07 02:42:57 (UTC)

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Ideals of beauty set to color in savvy death camp chic
The runways turn to gauntlets of disgrace and sickness
For your spectacle your piece
Freeze - her hollow eyes now give you anything
Dead - she never saw it coming anyway
Acceptance is the starving girl that you created bleeding
your disease
For images of tragedy that you take pride in
To make her feel ashamed
Articles will not redeem
The dead now lying at your feet
You know she doesn稚 matter so don稚 act so coy
She痴 starving for you did you even notice what you took
- Boy Sets Fire "Full Color Guilt"

Discontent in this life as is, our mechanisms deviate
Rust debrided inspires change, and leaves behind exhausted
dreams 吠gnition engaged-
So save your wishes for the sky, diluted and disguised, as a
perfect fuel that wonケt ignite
But hope will heal us all
Set to action our forward thought
To allocate and stabilize
The truth for so long can only hide
In shadows of our own design - amend and revise -
A wish will leave you empty handed (hope will provide)
Shun your responsibilities (and lead an empty life)
A dream alone will bear no seed (hope is alive)
And wishes will leave you dead and buried
Lost and forgotten
With your lives
- Boy Sets Fire "Last Year's Nest"

Now you致e thrown your past agreements into the fire
And your government痴 become a whore
For outside interests that now enslave the poor
Their suffering now stands ignored, pushed out - spat on
Turn jobs into weapons to make a profit out of blood, sweat
and lies
Free trade sounds easy and so damned harmless
Until they池e exploited by blind eyes, chewed through - spat out
The evil that you feed improves economy for the rich that
run your campaign
Increase the bottom line, your role again defined, out with
the old and in with the same
Time to unmask the devil
Divide and conquer, kill off and prosper, recite the game
that you致e been sold
Manifest destiny, your life atrocities, responsibility
annulled, pushed out - enslaved
When will their wants meet our needs, when will their words
match their deeds
When will the time come to stand and take it back from their
The blood is on your hands, life stealing motherxxxxers
The constitution burns to ash in front of you, the people
know what you are up to
Your sins will come back on you
- Boy Sets Fire "Eviction Article"

Legislate forget the facts of your drug war casualty
So many dead but you wear your morals on your sleeve for all
to see
And the billboards lie - denial thrives -
Which is the crime and which is the lie
And who defines it
Policing the oppressed
While the real pushers run frantic with their poisons
Corporate sponsors will see to it that the right product
kills us off
Infection will thrive
Despite poor intentions
Supplying the lesser class with their own crucifixion
Martyrs for your statistics
And every death is on your hands
Designed to stain diseased and bled
- Boy Sets Fire "Dying on Principle"

Force-fed on a hunger strike, tag them dead before you focus
in, spoon feed the impact that you leave us with Bring
denial with a worldwide expansion team brand so deep into
our minds
That it soon becomes our history and image that痴 been
marketed well
On the assembly line of our lives, shut it down before it
ever starts
Turn on to the weakness we致e been raised upon (we値l turn
you off again)
You致e written up all the answers we致e followed them word
for word
Disguised as our own subconscious defining our wrongs and rights
No more working on the strings you致e made us
Drive the stake into your hardened hearts we池e done begging
for the scrapes
You throw us we値l take the truth and our lives
Investigate and drain us we致e found you out regaining
All the knowledge that you hid, you are no longer needed
weケll keep our own hearts beating
Against the pulse that you denied
Demand it back our lives our minds you stole them, nothing
else will quench the hunger that will turn you off
And certify that we are free to find our own truth without you
This is not a test. This is not a test. Yes it has come to
this. This is not a test
- Boy Sets Fire "On in Five"