insane inside 2
2003-04-07 02:15:49 (UTC)

April 6th,2003 Sundy

sence firday me n paul on been on the rocks.friday he got
mad at me for some gay reason like Firday we
didnt talk at all.saterday night we talked in the morning
and at night and i was gunna let him go n he was all like
u dont wana talk to me no more blah blah blah n i was alll he said hed call me back but he didnt but i
didnt care i didnt want to talk to him then today when we
talked online we both had "something"we wanted to say!n we
both agreed to start seeing other people(but he wont)n i
think this is the end of r realationship and i thik i
could live with that becuz i know we weed still talk n
chill u know i think we would be just as tight well prolly
start seeing each other on and i guess im happy
we broke up and if i had the chanse that i could take it
all back i wouldent becuz it wasnt ment to be but going
out with paul was one of the best times of my life n i
truly do think that i will always love paul no matter