duhs world
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2003-04-07 01:26:59 (UTC)

sitting and wondering

i just sit back and wonder y do people do what they
do???? well i wonder y do things have to be the way they
r???? y do i love someone so much but hate him just the
same??? well i know at least one answer to all those
questions. i know y i love and i know y i hate u.

I love u cuz of ur brown eyes, body, personality,
sense of humor, when its not making fun of me, knowing
that i can turn to u no matter how i act, knowing that if
i needed anything i could turn to u even if its just a
hug, our past was awsome, and knowing that i can turn to u
and get the help i need. ur eyes can make me do almost
everything that u want me to do yes that drives me up the
wall but i love doing it cuz i knwo it makes u happy. Ur
body, wow thats another story, it just completey awsome i
like how its not to skinny but yet its not to round either
its just perfect the way it is i love it. i love how i
can turn to u and talk to u and how u can just calm me
down and realize that i am just over reacting. ur sense of
humor cracks me up when i am having a bad day and makes me
laugh even more when i am having a good day. there r more
things i love about u but i dont want to say it cuz it
makes me turn red.

the only thing i hate about u is how u know how to
get me so worked up and cring. i hate that so much but i
think u do it to see my reaction to it. but i dunno

I Love You