16 years old and lost in life?
2003-04-07 01:26:10 (UTC)

What the hell? *ha*

Okay~ So i can go to homecomin with you and at the
time be all perfect for you?....or were you just using me?
I mean it was the summer and i did have a jetski, so what
you just use me for that. now you ditch me every weekend,
im not cool enough nemore? This is how i look at it. I
respect people who respect me, and i had so much respect
foryou that you dont even understand, if you wanted a
flipping candy bar 10miles away i'd walkto go get it just
so you were happy...cuz i would bust my ass for anybody.
But you have completely lost that...i wouldn't do anythng
for you anymore the way you treat me...Peple use to talk
shit aout you and i would back you up and now when they
talk i sit bak and listen i dont protect you anymore. But
when summer comes back around and you want to be my best
freind again, you will get a rude awakening when i tell you
o go straight to hell...im just sick of your shit, and
until you are ready to show me u can respect me i m
notgoing to respect you either...Just remember it's your
choice who you want your freinds to be, but dont' crawl
back on your knees when i have something you don't have
inthe summer because you won't be using it!
Please send feedback...i have moreto the night