Shellie Benellie

Me and My Life
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2003-04-07 01:25:41 (UTC)

losin it

I don't understand why someone who says that there your
best freidn could go and not tell you something major. Ok
yesterday I got asked for my number and was wicked glad and
today I find out that the person who is suppose to be my
best freind couldnt tell me that he asked for her number
first. I don't know if she thought I couldn't handle the
fact that someone liked her better then me. If I knew he
wasn't digging me and was digging her then I wouldn't have
given him my number and set myself up for disappointment.
It's not like I would have gone into a hissyfit to find
that out when it happened. And then when she told me she
acted like it was nothing but it was huge. I understand
that she is prettier than me. And that she gets checked out
a hell of a lot more then me. But I wouldn't have flipped
if she was hit on before me Omg I go throught it all the
time god damn!!!!!!!!! it so pisses me off. grrrrrrrrrr

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