2003-04-07 00:50:28 (UTC)

dennis quaid

i always loved dennis quaid, because he so easily portrays
a good, honest, upstanding man. little furrow of the brow
when things bother him. he's aging, these days, and he is
still beautiful.
im watching the rookie right now. starring dennis quaid as a
middle aged science teacher/baseball coach, (which just
makes me want to melt all over the place) whose team makes
him try out for the big leagues, as a pitcher. and he makes
it. childhood dream come true. based on a true story.
i am a sucker for that kinda stuff. sports movies with
emotional music and happy your dream came true endings. is
that why i like baseball? someomes dream always comes true.
in all team sports really.
i guess i come from a baseball family, and im impartial to
baseball. something happens every time i walk into yankee
stadium. something overwhelming, something very big and the
whole few hours im happy, somewhere bigger, inside an
energy, a place thats got its space in history.
i have a love for that game. i love other people that love
baseball too. ive said i need to marry a baseball player,
but a fan would do. someone with season tickets?
so this movie, dennis quaid in the Rookie. hits the spot.
hits my spots all over the place