A day in the life....
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2003-04-07 00:12:48 (UTC)

Swing Ball's OVER!!!
It was so much fun tho...i loved it!
These past couple of weeks have been madness, but it's been
so much fun too. I've gotten to dance a lot. but back to
Swing Ball.
It was friday, april 4th from 8-midnight. I was there at
3pm to set up and then left to change and then back at 6pm
for more prep and set up. It was lovely! the tables were
beautiful, we had some Good Food and punch, we had a large
sign that just added to the atmosphere, it was raining,
yes, but we didn't care. I looked GOOD. cute red dress, my
hair up in a french was a theme for some of us.
Got some good pictures i hope. Brian came...such a sweetie.
My friends Gwyn and Christine were also able to come! it
was fantastic! We had 61 people there, plus the band,
security, and our advisor and his wife.
Kelly was driving me nuts tho...i wanted to slap her..but
avoiding her paid off in the end. other than that, it was
an all around fabulous time!
Yesterday Gwyn and Christine left about 9am, i got a shower
and after breakfast fell asleep in Brian's arms til about
1pm. Then we went to K-mart, get Brian's car, and gramma's
house, then home for dinner. ran to meijer, blockbuster,
and back home to watch basketball. I fell asleep
Church today was awesome! Guy was so funny but he got a
very good message across. We need to stop being self
reliant and zelous and just let God work and do stuff. We
can do nothing ourselves. Brian and I went to the altar and
just knelt and prayed with others around us at the end. It
was so refreshing and great. I'll remember this for a
while. I hope my heart and mindset focus more on God than
on myself...
I have much to still do today. God bless you all!