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2003-04-07 00:00:01 (UTC)

a feeling

she told him she had fallen in love with him. she hopes
that she knows what this feeling is because she couldn't
bear to hurt him yet again. the break was amazing - she
felt she had been transported to another world, another
time. everything was so perfect, even when it wasn't. they
were together, nothing else mattered. but, as any student
can attest, the break was all too short-lived and she had
to return to this dreary place without him. they are once
again in a kind of limbo, neither knowing what to do nor
what will happen next. 2500 miles (as the crow flies) is a
long way. too much can happen between now and the next time
one of them is able to close that distance again. she
misses him so much, already willing to give anything just
to wake up next to him again. she still gets butterflies
when he tells her that he feels it too. she can't help but
think how close she came to losing him forever. but the
gods have smiled on their relationship and he was willing
to forgive her, give her one more chance. and now they
think they're in love. she hopes they can make it last,
even across such a vast distance. only time will tell...

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