Remember to Breathe
2003-04-06 22:48:37 (UTC)

fourteen schmourteen

I've really been keeping up on this diary thing. I am
impressing myself. This is my one month aniversary with I should've got it flowers. Sorry, I
only got 2 hours of sleep today. I'm talking
nonsensical. I guess you could say I am partially
cheating on this diary though. I've begun a bullshit
diary at That one is way less personal. As
for today, nothing has happened. I mean to the point that
I haven't even showered, and it's actually a beautiful day
outside. At 7:00 I have to go to the honor's building to
watch a Spike Lee movie for my class. That shouldn't be
anything to complain about. I guess I'll have to take a
shower though then. So I should go. Hopefully the next
entry will be full of beautiful exciting things.

"I emptied out my veins onto a page set to a scream you
just can't gauge."
-Something Corporate-
"Letters to Noelle"