Mind numbing thoughts...
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2003-04-06 22:36:59 (UTC)

why isn't the grass greener on the other side???

Fuck life.. like honestly its so fucking pointless...
things seem to be going good and then boom my life sux
again...we got a fucking war going on, and the whole sars
outbreak and i'm trying to figure out why the fuck we're
here like seriously what is the god damn point of life??...
we're born, we grow, we live, we reproduce, we die. thats
it... and somewhere along the way we learn to love oooh
aint that a trip down let down lane... i'm sooo sick of
everything rite now. i'd give anything to make my
conformist parents see that just cuz its outta the ordinary
DOESN'T mean its wrong..i dunno i'm soo tired rite now and
confused and hurt... people tend to get like that when
they're lied to, avoided and ignored by people they care
about. i gotta go till the next fucking time i feel like
strangling someone.

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