The void
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2003-04-06 21:22:10 (UTC)

Where'd u get that little dance?

hiya! :)
hehehe, so...i did nothing today. well i did, i wroote my
CV and came online for a while. i didn't get up until 2:30
again.spikes not been online for ages, perhaps he actually
DID try and kill himself.
i'm chatting to Maz and tel right now. i haven't really got
anything to say.
i really hope i get the job at stepping stones, it will do
me good and i'll be less broke!
James is online. he's said all of 10 sentences to me. not
supprising really, he's got better things to be doing and
better people to talk to.i can't believe i used to pour my
heart out the that guy thinking that he actually cared.