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2003-04-06 21:14:41 (UTC)


When is fear a good thing? Is it ever? Someone told me
once that fear is not from God. So I have assumed for
myself that every time I am fearful I am avoiding a deeper
more painful issue and not necessarily the thing staring me
in the face whatever it may be. Still there are those
subtle things that send up red flags. Is that fear or is
it a sense of caution? Hard to seperate what is a
forboding sense of impending doom from a deep seeded
emotional echo of pain...ie an emotional scar. Emotional
scars definitely cause fear to take over in an attempt to
protect the core of a person from further damage. It is, I
believe a God given self defense mechanism that, for a
time, does the job. But...I don't believe it is ever God's
will for us to go on protecting ourselves and living in
fear. He came so that we might be FREE....free in DEED.
What I am afraid of is history repeating itself. Though at
the same time I have enough intellect to remind myself that
this is the here and now. I have placed myself in the
hands of the One who is my protector. He will NOT
humiliate me. He knows the desires of my heart....in
fact...He gave them to me. WILD!!! I am grateful Jesus. I
am so grateful that I don't know how to thank you for what
youre doing, what youve done, every moment is a gift. I
don't want to take it for granted. It is so sacred and
holy to me. Have any two people ever harmonized so well?
Sure, well, I guess they must. I couldn't be the only one
so blessed. Right?

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