My *Daily* Nightmare...
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2003-04-06 20:11:03 (UTC)

Spring Foward..

April 6th, 3:02 P.M

Well.. its now sunday.. and im home.. finally. Trevors
party was pretty cool, just a bunch of hanging out.. and
tring to fit like, 30 people on one love seat?... we pulled
it off. somehow.. Yeah.. well, Saturday, KC drops by
nifers like, unexpected, and we go with her for like 3
hours. We go out to eat and right as were leaving, Tom and
Robby pull up. Well, being KC, she drives away and the
chase starts there. So they call her cell and she tells
them shes takin me and jen home and just to follow us. So,
we stop at like 4 houses, and then decide to go to toms,
and make jen act like it was her hosue.. (?) i was just
along for the ride. i didnt care. So tom (who likes Jen)
was freakin out bc he thought she lives on his street.. and
after an hour of tring to get home. We finally do. Then we
emmidetly have to go pick up ellen and cody. So, it was
rather amusing. So that night, Me, Jennifer, Ellen and
Cody all went to the Frisco RoughRiders baseball game.. we
were like.. top of the second, and the rain started. So, it
was canceled.. and by the time we got to jennifers we were
under a tornado warning.. SO, we put on the movie Twister
(bc... i dont know) and by the time Cody and Ellen left, it
was 12:30. So, we took them home, and got back.. and did a
bunch of nothing then also. Yeah. But im home now..
waiting for Matt to call/drop by. But.. i better go..
Satans home and i need to clean. Audios

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