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2003-04-06 18:56:28 (UTC)

Damn her and that stupid probation period

So it wasn't getting better-she was ignoring my emails.
LIke I emailed her Wednesday about a reining clinic and
going to a movie on Sat and then she never emailed me back
so I was pissed and I was going to email her and be
like "fine. Don't answer my emails." and I was pretty
pissed off by Thursday night. I was pretty much ready to
say, "skrew you" and not show up on Friday, and skip my
lesson on Sat and then on Sunday show up for 4H and ditch
my lesson...but noooooooooooo...she had to go ahead and
email me like five times...and then ask to go to a movie
on Sat. Damn her. Damn her to hell!!!
So now of course I can't be mad at her and it was so happy
and flirty and cute and fun and nice on
Saturday...Wrangler butts rule...and I was just like
*sigh* now I don't know what is going on.
I was "thisclose" to being over her...and now this has to
happen and I'm super confused again. I will still see how
tonight goes of course to be my deciding factor (her
probation ends tonight)...but I have a feeling I'm screwed
over yet again by her.

I fucking need to tell her.

But wont.

Or will I?...

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