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2003-04-06 14:23:09 (UTC)

my better half as praying for you to fall

so here's the story... me, melissa and chris (spark) are
leaving the altomonte mall, so i call my mom to tell her
i'd be staying out tonight. i call and she asks where i
was last night. i say keenes. she says that's not what he
said. and for a while i'm like i dont know why he'd say
that blah blah blah (in actuality i wasn't there, but i'll
get to that later). so i'm like fine i'll be home before
11, she's like no, you have to be home by 9. 9 ON A FUCKIN
SATURDAY NIGHT! the time then was 7ish so we go to
melissa's sit for a while and then i have to go home.
anyways after arguments/discussion she thinks i'm lying
about the keene thing and if i just tell the truth she
wont be mad. sean think fast...ummm...i was at kyle
kolbergs house. reason i didn't tell: she doesnt know him
so i didnt want her to be suspicious. in the end i got off
the hook and told her some stuff about school just stupid
stuff but she wanted to know so....anyways. let's get to
the fun part of my weekend. friday night, friday the plan
was, me, chris and melissa to go hang out. after school i
kept calling melissa, and three/four hours later, i
finally got a hold of her. so at this point i'm absolutely
pissed, chris is out hanging out with other kids so me and
melissa look for something to do. we stop by lauren's
house. lauren and kristen look like the just were doing
some physical activity, rollerblading. so we go inside.
lauren offers some goodies. so i take some, so does
melissa, but not too much, she has to drive. they say
they're getting drunk tonight and invite us to sleep the
night there. we decide we're going to danny's party/his
band playing first and we're going take chris home with
us. once we get there it's kidna sketchy. i have a beer
and then a cop pulls a car over like not even a house
away, so we decide it's time to go. we (melissa, chris, me
and naked man (i dont know his real name, but everyone
just calls him naked man)) we go to 7-11 and then to
andreas' house, not knowing there is a party going on. we
get there, pee in the bushes (me and chris bc we asked for
a bathroom and were directed to there) and met up with
some familiar faces. the party was pretty sweet. saw steph
c.(carp) she just recently left our school to go to
another. beer was everywhere. a little alcohol. various
joints,blunts,pipes and a bong here and there. i didn't
smoke, but i was pretty chillin' due to the "goodies" from
lauren and i had some more beers and i was smoking cigs.
well after a couple of hours we decide we (chris, melissa
and i) want to go get wasted. so we call lauren/kristin
and make sure it's ok for us to sleep over. it's good so
we leave and go to laurens and then to kristens. we have
some beer, and me and chris have some shots. eat popcorn,
and have other fun. then after a while we want shrooms. so
we go and see who's sober enough to drive. i am. so i drop
off lauren (she lives like a block away so it's ok) and
then to two different fields. nothing, we even bought a
flashlight to see nothing. so we go home kinda upset, well
i was. my whole buzz is gone, i had straighten up to drive
so i could get further fucked up but in the end i didn't
get too. once at home kristen made some smoothies with a
little "kick" in them and we all watched not another teen
movie and then fell asleep. in the morning (noon ish) we
got up and after a little while melissa took me and chris
to his house while she was going to do some chores at
home. then we went to the altomonte mall to look for prom
dresses for melissa. and then i called my mom...and that's
where i left off. so it was an eventful friday night, but
last night was going to be just as fun. oh well. maybe
next time. for now i sit, eat and be lazy. hopefully i'll
find something to do today, if not i'll just sit at my
computer and complain about being bored.