Remember to Breathe
2003-04-06 13:20:52 (UTC)

lucky #thirteen

Well, once again I haven't slept yet tonight. I went over
to Smith around 10:30. I started drinking, slowly but
surely, and didn't get drunk until like 4 or so. And,
yeah, still no attention from Brett. He fell asleep while
I was still there, so I layed in his roommate's bed for
about 20 minutes and then just went home. He acts like
Dan never said a word to him, and I almost wish that he
wouldn't have told Dan that he actually was interested,
when he acts like he isn't. When I got back to my dorm my
roommate was gone, I have no idea where, but it's nice to
have the room to myself. I am glad that I'll have a
single room next year, because I will love the privacy.
Well, I am gonna watch some cheesy morning tv until it's
time to go to brunch. Mmmm...omelets. Goodnight.

"I am covered in skin. No one gets to come in. Pull me out from
inside. I am folded, and unfolded, and unfolding. I am colorblind."
-Counting Crows-