Dr Cats

today is the greatest day
2003-04-06 12:02:41 (UTC)

To England

I have decided to move to England next year for six months.
Yeah through student exchange at my uni. well at least I
hope to.. i'm gona look into it full hardcore.. see if I
can do my course in Oxford (where Radiohead come from)yay!
and check out my uni's prgram for student exchange. But if
everything goes to plan i might be able to get a boarding
scholarship and a job and be set up there... It will be so
cool. I want to live in England and make my art... write
and play music and everything else. awww.. so cool. yeah i
am really excited about it! So far half my friends have
said "yeah that's so cool" and half have gotten sad about
it. But the sad ones were my closest friends (Gab and
Kaelah) cos they will miss me i know. I will miss them too.
But i don't even know for sure about it yet.. but it's for
sure in my mind.. yay! I just need to get out.. I mean
heaps of my friends are doing this..Adam's in Denver..
Phil's gonnabe working in Africa later next summer... I
gotta get out there too. Man yeah it will be cool! HAHAHA!
I write film reviews for a magazine now.. a net
magazine..but there's no money.. I just want it for the
experience though. Hmm well I did nothing today but a lot
of cool things did happen that made me feel more
independant... ooh plus i got some of the new Radiohead
songs... very cool.. the new album will kick ass! Me and
Nath are gonna share a sixer later.. I love drinking with
my bro there's such a bonding. Anyways that is that for
now.. my mum is going through the paper trying to find jobs
for me... some of them are good.. i might go look at them
with her. BYE!