It smells like poop over here
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2003-04-06 08:59:18 (UTC)

"believe the words, i will unlock my door

...and pass the cemetary gates." pantera "cemetary gates".
i hope i never ever fucking hear the words "i love you"
again. it's such bullshit. those three little fucking words
do nothing but bring down worlds. crushing, destroying and
killing everything in there path. love is such bullshit.
it's such a fake emotion. im just gonna give up on it. i
have no chance with any woman. all of them, every single
last one of this is just a dream to me, just a schimer in
my eye. let's go through the ole lil list here: andrea,
chrissy, lauren, laura, devon, jessica, sasha and lord
knows who else. im totally sober right now. maybe it's just
that...i just need to be drunk off my ass for the rest of
my life. when im drunk i feel no pain. i feel horny as
fuck, but that can be cured with my left hand...that's all
i ever get anyway. god dammit, i've heard everyone one of
those girls tell me they loved me, how many of them meant
it? not a fuckin one. not one of them. all lies, every
single fuckin word.
im about ready to pack up and roll outta this town for
good. im pissed at everything, there's nothing here i need
to stay for. the only person that can talk any sense into
me ever is the coolest guy in the world, mike rudd. that
kid knows whats up. he's knows how it is, he knows how the
world works. he's a smart ass mother fucker. even if i
don't leave, my ass is gonna quit algers, get into shape,
finish this semester, maybe quit smoking, quit drinking 4
days a week, i haven't smoked pot in god knows how long, so
that's not a problem. i just don't want to be bothered
anymre. why can't i be just a souless bastard? or a dog?
dogs don't do shit, they sleep all fucking day, eat off the
floor, take a shit outside and get a treat for it. fucking
a, dogs have the fuckin life. they don't have the brain
capacity to hurt someone. i fuckin hate this shit. i hope i
die young, i hope i die kinda soon. i just wanna roll into
the ghetto, try to get some brew, piss off some dude by
accident and have him cap my sorry ass. burn my body, and
throw my ashes in the trash. dave, jared, joe, shawn,
jermaine, rich and nick, you guys can split up my stuff,
take what you want. whatever's left, throw it out. PEACE

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