life's weird
2003-04-06 08:19:44 (UTC)

a girl rant

so that you are not mistaken, the title is not saying that
this was written by a girl (though I am a girl and I am
writing this) it is a rant about girls. Not all girls,
just the ones that im ranting about. *sigh* before i start
i should say: this is not a personal attack, well maybe it
is but not on everyone.. if you know that you dont do
this, god for you, dont pay attention to this! it doesn't
apply to you! ok now that thats out of the way...
i understand a few strange fashions... wearing a skirt AND
pants: you were took cold to just wear the skirt so u put
pants on, or u couldn't decide which you would rather wear
a skirt or pants but what is this tying your sweatshirt in
the back? what? you couldn't decide between wearing a
sweatshirt and having a bunny tail? Ok, I admit, I even
understand tying your shirt: you were too hot, or the
shirt was uncomfortable, but your sweatshirt? was the wind
flying up through the bottom of it? no thats not right
because tying it would expose your stomach... hmmm... u
need a place to leave your hairband? no no, its too much
of a hassle besides, you can put it on your wrist or on
the front of your sweatshirt. oh! ive got it! your trying
to cut off the circulation to that one part of the
sweatshirt so that is falls off and you, no thats
not it. ok well. i give up. if anyone has any ideas, feel
free to express them to me on AIM. i am baffled.