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2003-04-06 08:09:32 (UTC)

More plays, MORE

Yesterday we performed our starewell piece for the third
time. Today for the fourth. (I'll try to keep this short.)
Both days were long and fun filled, as well as exhausting.
I'm just not used to being out for the whole day and not
having a neat little plan.

Yesterday, I took my free pass to see shows so it could see
500 clown Frankenstein. It was hilarious. Let's just say, 3
set pieces, no flats or backdrops, 3 hilarious characters,
and a whole lot of weird costume that each used to help
with props, set and such.

Today I went to see DOG perform Interference. I didn't get
it. Was I suppose to? Funny it was, and the time flew so I
guess I was having fun, but I just didn't get it. Or it was
just too weird for me. Totally not my type of weirdness.
Birds that can't fly, A God that's not sure of herself, and
a 24 hour customer service who can fix anything sounded
like a good idea at the time.

This same day, today, I went to see Wax and Wayne. (Met up
with Antar and Corey just before. Helene left, but Marisa
and Chamille joined in.)
I swear, I seriously thought that woman made of wax was a
real statue. Even though there was not a word of English in
the whole thing. (Prabobly German it was, in little bits
whenever speach was.) The whole story was bursting with
themes, and mainly circled around the whole theme of wax.
Having one emerge from wax to human, and one from human to
wax. The two characters totally switched parts. It was
pretty damn swell, as well as spiffy.

Maybe more later. Tired now.