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2003-04-06 05:41:50 (UTC)


y do people that say they r my friends lie to me??? i ask
myself r they really friends or am i just there when they
need me to be. i learned who my true friends were last
night. i was left alone and ditched again but this time
by someone that was suppose to be my friend. she lied and
then lied again and i am tired of people lieing to me. so
i am in to conclustion dont make plans unless u keep them
u dont and u dotn call then its ur fualt if u call the
next timeand i dont answer or i dotn want to keep plans
with u. after all this happen i got home and left an away
meassage up for my x bf and my best friend to have him
call me well when he got in, at that point i was sleeping
but he still called and today he said it wasn't his
choice but he did keep his plans with me. but no one else
called not even the one who broke plans with me liek 4
times yesterday well i am completely over it and i will be
i dont want to be bothered and i dont want to be contacted
unless i try with u or i tell u to call or what ever. and
to the one and only love of my life i love u and care and
i hope that things will work out for us.