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2003-04-06 04:21:10 (UTC)


i love this song

im sleepy. i am a sleepy head. today was not a bad day
though... i feel kinda guilty about leaving work early cus
i know damn well i need the money but.. it was worth it=)
we had lunch.

damn i miss her. i cant say so. but shes not dumb im sure
she gets it. not that it matters. cus im leaving.

ashley thinks im jealous of FatAssCuntFace. no. not
hardly. maybe if i had a big fat ass and i was a trashy
skanky bitch too, then maybe. but no. and thats not even
the point. the point is that shes just trash. and shes
not making caroline happy. PERIOD. so im sorry but im not
guna pretend like i dont fucking hate her.

cus maybe i have had my bitchy moments. but that doesnt
mean that i dont love people and i dont care about people.
and if she was happy, it would be a different story.

im excited about gainesville!! its a little fucked up that
im more concerned about money than i am about missing him.
its not even like things are particularly bad with us right
now. they're better than usual. but i know whats coming.
i know whats come and gone many times and i know what will
come again. and i know it will never be better. and as
sad as that is. i know that i have done ALL i can do. and
more. so it is time. this chapter is long past over.

i put your picture away, sat down and cried today, I cant
look at you while I'm lying next to him...

You cant smoke at Dennys anymore. What kind of fucking
bullshit is that. damn.