boys and genes
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2003-04-06 03:27:34 (UTC)


socrgirl506: you know that you should ask jill out
lilloserpunk120: no
socrgirl506: why not, you are the only thing she talks
about now
lilloserpunk120: but i cant
socrgirl506: fine, I won't get into your business and find
out why not
lilloserpunk120: lol
socrgirl506: lol, but you got to get her to stop liking
you because you are the only thing that we talk about
lilloserpunk120: im sorry
socrgirl506: it's alright, I'm sure that lots of girls
like you, you can't help it
lilloserpunk120: yea right
socrgirl506: it's true, I'm sure lots of girls like you
lilloserpunk120: yea right
socrgirl506: i know some people who used to like you
lilloserpunk120: yea
lilloserpunk120: a lot of people used to like me
socrgirl506: well, I also know people who like you now
lilloserpunk120: o
lilloserpunk120: i know 3
lilloserpunk120: !
socrgirl506: see girls do like you
lilloserpunk120: 3
lilloserpunk120: big deal
socrgirl506: 3 is better than none
socrgirl506: unless the girls are really bad
lilloserpunk120: lol noo
lilloserpunk120: no*
socrgirl506: so, you should be happy
socrgirl506: lots of the guys who like me are nasty, so
you should be really happy
lilloserpunk120: lol
lilloserpunk120: no
lilloserpunk120: you can get someone no prob
socrgirl506: I wish
socrgirl506: I can only get bad guys, who I don't like
lilloserpunk120: that really isnt true
socrgirl506: if you knew some of the guys who liked me,
you would agree
lilloserpunk120: it dont matter who the ugly guys are that
like you
lilloserpunk120: you could get someone you liked
socrgirl506: umm, I doubt it
lilloserpunk120: dude!lol
socrgirl506: lol, well that is what I think
lilloserpunk120: well thats what i know
socrgirl506: how do you know?
socrgirl506: and I'm sure you can get any girl you like
lilloserpunk120: fuck no
socrgirl506: if you tried, you could get any girl
lilloserpunk120: i wish
lilloserpunk120: i know i cant
lilloserpunk120: i have tried
lilloserpunk120: i get shot down a lot
socrgirl506: well, I know girls who would love to have a
chance with you
lilloserpunk120: i know guys that want a chance with you
socrgirl506: well, I don't know them
lilloserpunk120: i dont know the girls
socrgirl506: well, you know jill, and you have girls that
like you just by your looks
lilloserpunk120: lol
lilloserpunk120: no
socrgirl506: yeah, do you know jenell alles?
lilloserpunk120: nope
socrgirl506: well, she likes you
lilloserpunk120: i dont know her
socrgirl506: that is because she has only seen you and she
has never talked to you before
lilloserpunk120: o what grade
socrgirl506: ours
lilloserpunk120: is she hot?
socrgirl506: no, no one really likes her
lilloserpunk120: lol there you go
socrgirl506: well, she still likes you
lilloserpunk120: so
socrgirl506: so, girls like you
lilloserpunk120: guys like you
socrgirl506: not any cool guys that I know of
socrgirl506: so, who are the 3 girls who like you?
lilloserpunk120: jill
lilloserpunk120: cory
lilloserpunk120: and my best friend
socrgirl506: cool
lilloserpunk120: no
lilloserpunk120: they are lal my friends
lilloserpunk120: i dont go out with friends
socrgirl506: that's cool
lilloserpunk120: no
lilloserpunk120: my friends are the only ones who like me
socrgirl506: yeah, that is how it used to be for me
lilloserpunk120: its sucks!
lilloserpunk120: i have not had a gf in a while
socrgirl506: I haven't had a bf in a while either
socrgirl506: I need to go find one
lilloserpunk120: same her
lilloserpunk120: but a gf not bf
socrgirl506: lol, yeah
socrgirl506: but you have options for a gf
lilloserpunk120: you have them for bf too
socrgirl506: but I wouldn't go out with any of the guys
that like me that I know of
lilloserpunk120: you dont know all who likes you
socrgirl506: but i wish everyone would just tell me if
they liked me
lilloserpunk120: i know how you feel
socrgirl506: well, if they don't tell me that they like me
then they will never know if I would go out with them
lilloserpunk120: yea
lilloserpunk120: thats how i feel
lilloserpunk120: but dude no one tells me
socrgirl506: no one tells me either
socrgirl506: it sucks
lilloserpunk120: i know
lilloserpunk120: cause its like you would prolyl like them
lilloserpunk120: but you dont know they like you so you
dont even think about it happening
socrgirl506: right, so then it is like impossible to get
lilloserpunk120: yea lol
socrgirl506: lol, is sucks when this kinda stuff happens
lilloserpunk120: yea
lilloserpunk120: and it al;ways happens
socrgirl506: yeah, and 2 people might like each other and
they will never know
lilloserpunk120: dude i like you
lilloserpunk120: jp
lilloserpunk120: i just had to say that
lilloserpunk120: it went with the convo
lilloserpunk120: sorry
socrgirl506: lol, I don't care, but Jill would kill me
socrgirl506: lol
lilloserpunk120: if i liked you?
socrgirl506: yup
lilloserpunk120: o lol
socrgirl506: yeah, she started talking about that and she
was like freaking out
lilloserpunk120: if i liked you?
socrgirl506: yeah
lilloserpunk120: lol dude i was just fucking around dont
socrgirl506: I know, I'm not worried
lilloserpunk120: i think you are hot
lilloserpunk120: but you are my friend
socrgirl506: are you just kidding on that one to?
lilloserpunk120: no
lilloserpunk120: lol
socrgirl506: lol, ok, just making sure
lilloserpunk120: hahaha